Established in November of 1985, Hui Hawaiʻi O Utah is currently in its 30th year of serving our Hawaiian and Polynesian community here in Utah and across the United States. Formed by a handful of dedicated kūpuna, our civic club has created and participated in numerous cultural events, activities, workshops and more.

Going into 2017 we are excited at the influx of new ideas and opportunities for our community and our club. Please join us on January 14th for our first meeting where we will share some of these initiatives!


Please be sure to bookmark us and keep checking our News/Blog Entries page for updated information, community events and activities and more.

We would like to especially mahalo two individuals without whom, our club would not currently be in existence.  We mahalo them for pushing through when times were rough and for working tirelessly on behalf of our lāhui.  Uncle Jesse and Aunty Shirley Kalawaiʻa, our aloha is always with you, as are our deepest mahalo and our most profound respect. We love you.

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